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Attention STEM students and technical professionals:

How to Land a Job in Quant Research and Trading in 12 Weeks

Apply to our bootcamp taught by Wall Street quants and follow a structured roadmap into top tier hedge funds, HFTs, investment banks and more.

Where Our Students Work

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12 week

Are You Experiencing Any of This?

You’ve gone down the quant rabbit hole.
You’ve spent hours scrolling scattered quant blog posts, forums and random online pdfs. You’ve collected some resources and knowledge but nothing feels “complete.” You’re still looking for more.
You’ve seen the numbers.
And can't unsee them. You’ve heard tales of friends getting crazy $300-$500k+ starting offers at firms like Citadel and Jane Street, but don’t know where to start or even where / how to best apply. You ask them for help, but don’t want to waste their time.
You don't know which quant project to do.
Everyone says this is a great way to stand out and learn the field, but you want to make sure you work on something that will impress. You need direction.
You don't know which skills to build.
Should you spend what time you have studying stochastic calculus, kdb+, machine learning or something else? You're in search of the perfect quant skill stack and don't want to waste any more time.
You’re not getting callbacks.
You have a technical background, and you’re good with numbers, so you’ve fired off a few applications. Maybe you’ve even done a few OAs / first rounds, but you’ve never really gotten traction and just don’t know why.
Still, you have this feeling quant is for you.
Quant combines all of your interests in markets, math and coding (...and yes, yes it pays well too). You have a feeling that with the right mentorship and training you have a shot at quant.
If you see the opportunity of a career in buy-side quant, and are in a position to make a move within the next few months, but are just having trouble getting started...
I promise there's a better way.

Why Work With Us?

We're former quants from brand name Wall Street hedge funds and prop firms. During our 10+ years on Wall Street, we've interviewed hundreds of candidates and built teams managing over $3 billion.

"I applied for internships last cycle without success. This year the course concepts, project, and resume reviews were instrumental in refining my skills and showcasing my abilities, directly leading to a dream job. I am truly grateful and highly recommend the bootcamp."

Will M.
From SWE to Quant @ Schonfeld

After seeing countless examples of good and bad candidates, we've dumped everything we know into this bootcamp. We skip the academic fluff and accelerate your career with laser focus:

  • Learn the quant-relevant skills firms actually need.
  • Build an impressive quant project.
  • How to hack the technical interviews (ethically).
  • Recruiting strategies & clarity on where and how to apply.
  • Perfect your resume for quant.

And students seem to really like it. We're proud that some have gone onto work at firms like Citadel, World Quant, Schonfeld, Jump Trading and more. So, if you want to learn from mentors who’ve been there and done that, if you want to maximize your chances…apply to our bootcamp.

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Our Students Really Like Us

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"I highly recommend this bootcamp. It's very well-organized and easy to follow, making it accessible to both experienced and new investors who want to approach their investments from a quant perspective. The material provided is of high quality and the suggestions given on how to build a high SR strategy were extremely valuable. I've gained a solid foundation to succeed as a quant."
Manny M.
Quant at Robeco
It was very nice talking to you this week. Your suggestions were super helpful! The 500 problem list was a very good refresher, and I was able to make into the finals of 3 including Citadel and got 2 offers (ART, Goldman Sachs).
Zhao F.
Goldman Sachs and ART
"Will make the adjustments on the resume. Really appreciate it! The 500 real interview questions you guys provide have been really helpful"
Seu P.
Quant at Citadel
"This has been very helpful in my quant journey. Thanks for organizing the course. I had lots of fun with the materials, projects and interview practice. It really did stretch my knowledge and technical abilities and help me in my day-to-day work."
Adrian A.
Jump Trading
"As a final-year student, attending this quantitative finance bootcamp gave me a competitive advantage in the profession. The hands-on tasks felt like working on real-world issues at a company. They were not simply theoretical exercises, but simulations that helped me improve my coding and data processing abilities for quantitative research. The interview preparation, which was customised to technical questions, made me feel very prepared and confident heading into my job hunt."
Akshay S.
"I applied for internships last cycle without success. This year the course concepts, project, and resume reviews were instrumental in refining my skills and showcasing my abilities, directly leading to a dream job. I am truly grateful and highly recommend the bootcamp."
Will M.
Quant at Schonfeld
“I never wanted this course to end since the amount of knowledge I was gaining was far more than what I would have gained by single-handedly exploring the field. I had a great time in the bootcamp. Quick doubt-solving and feedback, help in projects, and conceptual learning were daily parts of the course.”
Deneb S.
Jane Street Preview, Wincent
"Hey guys, just got an offer from Citi for their quant internship. Thank you for the advice! "
Eli B.
Quant at Citi
"The Wall Street Quants course and mentorship was instrumental in helping me prepare for the recruitment process and lock down an internship at a quantitative hedge fund."
Pranay A.
Quant at Capstone/Acadian
"WSQ was extremely helpful in the sense that it creates a space for proactive learners to talk to one another. Whenever I have a question, I could almost always find an answer in the Discord channel or can directly ask the mentors. I personally need more personalized learning experience, and WSQ did a great job offering that. Other members in the community are also super willing to help each other out. Such a supportive community is what distinguish WSQ from other services."
Susie S.
Quantamental Analyst at Bracebridge
"The bootcamp is amazing. It's very different from general retail multichart approach to tackle the problem. I've found two pure alpha crypto strategies, and I'm very satisfied with what I've accomplished."
Ying C.
CTA / Prop Trading
Loved the training! We originally hail from the gaming industry, quite different from the world of algorithmic trading. Despite this, your training has been incredibly valuable, guiding us to successfully run our algo trading firm profitably for over two years now. With so many quant trading courses available, yours truly stands out from the rest. Thank you!
Ludovic B.
CEO, Quant Hedge fund
"Really enjoyed the course. Was definitely worth it even seeing just how much my coding has improved"
Yuri A.
"I just wanna say after taking your advice of what you told me about my strategy I am making a killing in the markets. Just a couple years back I was struggling but after joining this course I am killing it right now after learning everything about quant. What was most helpful was the coding as it was very simple to learn and apply it. Then on top of that everything from backtesting and how to not overfit. I have grown a $500 account to over $5200 in the last couple weeks."
Kevin S.
Quant at Morgan Stanley
"I'm really enjoying the bootcamp. I like the bit-sized lectures, more manageable, code demo to drive hom the point, resource sharing, knowledge sharing via discord (instructor very accesible), still going through the interivew prep but it looks very practical"
Kim Z.
JP Morgan
"Wall Street Quants Bootcamp is one of the most structured courses I have come across that takes one from a novice to a professional, being taught by professionals with extensive work experience in this field elevates the caliber of how to understand market-generated information and data to our use and make money."
Sai A.
Current WSQ Student
"I really appreciate your feedback very much. Not just saying that at all. And I think, you know, one thing I was really impressed with the whole program was just your tempo and you just seem, you know, very like intelligent really about all this stuff. The course was great"
Sam M.
Hedge Fund Quant (family office)
"The course was very comprehensive. The instructors are patient and drive the conversation from fundamentals to the main topic so it becomes easily consumable for students. I would definitely recommend this course as it covers all the aspects to get into the world of quants. I would even recommend it to anyone planning on changing their career trajectory! Overall great content and great instructors! Kudos to the team!"
Yash W.
Offer at Quant Crypto HF

How We Can Help

A simple 3 step roadmap guaranteed to optimize your career trajectory:

Quant Finance Mastery
Learn all the skills you need to succeed as a first year quant. Showcase a full-fledged quant project and walk into your interviews confidently knowing you can do the job.
Technical Interview Prep
Learn the frameworks successful candidates use time and again to crack quant puzzles. You'll have endless practice with our question bank of 500+ real interview questions we’ve sourced internally.
Land the Job
Now that you have the right skills and can breeze through interview puzzles, we’ll redo your resume with our WSQ Resume Guide™. Finally, we’ll show you when, where and how to best apply to maximize your chances.
Apply Now

Master the Perfect Quant Skillset Funds Actually Need

No more guessing which subjects you need to study. Our program teaches all the skills needed for quant from the ground up.

Follow an institutional grade curriculum meant to get you job-ready as fast as possible. By the end, you’ll be able to research and code strategies like the hedge funds and have a fully employable skillset. View sample lectures.
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Complete Quant Curriculum

#1 The Big Picture

#2 Coding for Quant Finance

#3 Evaluating Quant Strategies

#4 Building Quant Models (weighting/optimization)

#5 Portfolio Construction

#6 Backtesting

#7 Strategy ("Alpha") Research Best Practices

#8 Strategies (Statistical Arbitrage)

#9 Course Project - "Statistical Arbitrage in Cryptocurrencies"

#10 Execution

#11 Risk

#12 Portfolio Optimization

#13 Live Python Trading Library

How to Hack the Quant Interview

Stop using prep books over a decade old or janky resources and pdfs cobbled together from the internet. After conducting hundreds of real quant interviews, we've distilled everything we know into our hack the interview game plan:
  • Clear video lectures explaining our frameworks for every quant interview question type, including: mental math, market-making, probability, statistics, brain teasers and more.
  • Grind with 500+ actual quant interview questions being asked today and become a quant interview machine.
  • Perfect your delivery with mock interviews with real Wall Street Quants.
  • Got an interview coming up? Get connected with a student who just interviewed there.
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“Mate just landed a quant research role at Jump and got given a dataset review just like in your interivew prep.”

Sam M. – WSQ 2023

Where Our Students Work


Stand Out with A Hedge Fund Style Project

You will get our blueprint on how to develop a quant algorithm guaranteed to set your resume apart. Walk through step-by-step the way research is done on Wall Street today.

We will personally review your final project and ensure it will impress employers. Finally, you’ll confidently walk into your interviews knowing you can do the job, actually understanding quant, and with something of real substance to discuss.
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Interactive Live Classroom

“I could always find an answer in the discord and if not could directly ask mentors. Also, other students are super supportive. The community aspect really distinguishes WSQ.”

Susie S. – WSQ 2023
Live Discord Community
You’re in this together with your cohort of future quants. Share career tips or interview insights, collaborate, make friends and have fun.
Senior Quants On Demand
Get unstuck with personalized advice from Wall Street quants on discord, email and mentorship calls.
Q&A Calls
Chat with your cohort and mentors about anything - from python to recruiting tips - and stay on the right track.
Unlimited Access
Get lifetime access to our 24/7 online learning portal. Return to any section, any time and ensure you understand it 100%.

Guaranteed to Put You Ahead

We're so confident in our process that we have a risk-free guarantee. If you're not satisfied within the first 14 days, we will simply give you all of your tuition back.

Either you get a great return on your investment, or your money back!
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Your Questions Answered

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Email us at info@thewallstreetquants.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How long is the bootcamp?
Three months, although you will have access to our video lectures, interview guides and discord community for life.
Are there any prerequisites for the bootcamp?
Not officially. It helps to have basic familiary with coding and probability, but everything is taught from the ground-up assuming you know nothing.
Will I earn a certificate?
Yes, we will provide a certificate upon completion of the program and you can put it on your Linkedin.
Is this an online bootcamp?
Yes, it's fully online. It features video lectures and a live component that includes a discord channel and 1:1 calls with instructors.
Do you have sample lectures?
Can I follow my own schedule?
Yes, the lectures are pre-recorded and you can watch them whenever you'd like. We will schedule mentorship calls when it works for you.

Become a Wall Street Quant

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